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From humble beginnings, Brian Spain grew up with one goal in mind. He knew he could never achieve that goal in North Carolina. So as much as he loved it, in 2008 he packed up his entire life into one suitcase to head off to NYC. What was that goal? To high five people from 12 different ethnicities in the same day. He knew it would be tough, but he was up to the challenge. The plane landed on a cold March evening. After 7 minutes in a New York City airport, Brian achieved his goal. A lesser man might have said to himself, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”, turned around , and flew home. But Brian is not a lesser man; Brian is a dreamer. He did no want to rest on the satisfaction of achieving his goal. He wanted to set higher goals for himself! He decided that he should try to be on TV, perform on a sold out comedy show in NYC (and heck, maybe even HOST a show in front of a sold out crowd), and eat a lot of pizza. With those goals behind him, Brian now wants to do something incredible… what will he decide to do next? Check back often to find out!

ANNNND if you are visiting today, consider yourself lucky. You are seeing a "demo" site that I put up to show a client a concept. :-)
With all of the attention this video is getting; it HAS to be on the home page, right? This is the news series where I travel to 6 cities in four countries to interview people on their thoughts on hard hitting topics.